Some of these tips are going to sound very unconventional but the job market is the real world and not everyone plays fair. Unless you have the perfect CV, the perfect qualifications and the perfect experience there is always going to be someone who gets their foot in the door before you.

Lie on your CV. I‘m not saying that you should tell big lies about where you used to work, or your qualifications – just lie about little things, such as claiming that you have various hobbies, where some are fun and exciting and others that are mentally taxing.

Adjust your grades on your qualifications. Just so long as the job you are going for does not specifically ask for a certain qualification. For example, do not claim that you aced your accountancy qualifications if you barely scraped through WHEN you are applying to be an accountant. On the other hand, if you are applying to be an accountant or manager, why not increase your English score from a D to a B. Maybe you can increase your sociology level from a C to an A. As you get older and experience more jobs, you will realize that very few people check your qualifications, UNLESS that qualification is required to do the job.

Take onboard the opinion of others but do not rely on it. Whether your friends and family say that your resume is great or rubbish, do not rely too strongly on their advice or criticisms. The best way to go about the situation is through trial and error. If you send out differently written CVs to various companies, then you will get a higher rate of reply from one over the other. The one that gets the most replies and subsequent interviews will get the job.

Do not be afraid to send a picture of yourself if you are good looking. Sad as it may seem, if you have a good-looking face, then sending a picture of yourself with your resume will get you noticed. It’s not ideal, but it’s life. Adverts have pretty people on them for a reason -because they get people’s attention.