Finding a job when you are a student is certainly a struggle, especially the high street store closures being reported almost daily on the news. However if you have found yourself with an interview for a part-time job, the next stage can seem even more daunting: the dreaded interview. This is your final chance to make an impression on your employer, so you need to make sure it’s a good one.

First of all, do some research on the company you are hoping to be employed with. You should know the company and the role you are applying for inside out before you go to the interview; find out what the company does, and what will be expected of you if you are hired.

After having researched the company, you need to prepare yourself for the actual interview. Make sure that you know why you want the job and what makes you the ideal candidate. Try not to be generic, but rather be unique – saying that you want the job because you are passionate about working simply won’t cut it. This really is the only chance you’ll get to secure the position, so make sure your prepared answers are the best they can be.

Knowing how to dress for an interview is important, as an employer will either be impressed or disappointed by what you are wearing. Dress formally; you aren’t going to hang out in the park with your friends, you are there to make a formal impression on somebody that may give you a job. Make sure that you have clean hair and fingernails – if you are a nail biter, it may be a good idea to stop yourself a week before the interview, so that you can groom your fingers to look nice.

When answering questions, make sure that you look interested and are polite. Never interrupt the interviewer, and eye-contact is a must. At the end of the interview, you will probably get the chance to ask questions to the interviewer. This is vital; if you do not ask questions, you may come across as disinterested and unprepared. Even if you just ask about what will be expected of the successful applicant, it’s better than not asking any questions at all.