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Highly motivated employee with expertise in performing web, database, and software development and maintenance seeking a position to provide a positive contribution to the further success of my employer



Self-Motivated | Highly-Organized | Detail-Oriented | Result-Driven | Clear-Minded | Proactive | Responsible| Problem-Solver | Achiever | Analytical Thinker | Relationship-Builder | Independent | Visionary | Team-Player



Web Development | Software Development | Database Development | Database Management | Process Streamlining | Problem Solving | Management Information Systems | Customer Service | Logistic Support



Software Developer
The Doyle Group Sep 2009-present

  • Developed web application for Denver Water through the usage of ASP.NET, C#, Silverlight, and SharePoint 2007 and new business solutions used for internal and external users
  • Developed an ASP.NET Ajax document management repository through he usage of ASP.NET Web Forms and C# to transform all customer correspondence into PDF format
  • Designed and developed the external Business Portal through he usage of SharePoint 2007 and web parts
  • Designed SharePoint site integrating with internal business applications through WCF Services and implemented security through using ADFS 2.0 (Active Directory Federal Services) and Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)
  • Assisted in developing a Silverlight application for the mobile touch-based platform including UI development through the usage of Silverlight, C#, MVVM pattern, and the Prism


Software Developer
SunGard Nov 2006-Sep 2009

  • Acted as an Applications Architect for an ASP.NET/C# web application to provide clients with the ability to automate the delivery and collaboration of pension plans
  • Performed re-design of the service layer to implement an asynchronous model publishing pension plans that decreased the publishing time by 40%
  • Implemented role-based security through using ASP.NET role and membership provider to enhance the security model of the web application
  • Enhanced a separation of concern between the business layer and UI through re-factoring the business logic out of the web forms
  • Re-factored the business logic into the business objects through integrating the CSLA.NET framework


Software Developer
Wind2 Software Apr 2001-Oct 2001

  • Developed new features and improved the Wind2 Financial Management System through using Visual FoxPro
  • Designed and developed an MSI installation program to assist Wind2 in meeting the Windows 2000 logo requirements
  • Created a database management tool through using Visual FoxPro
  • Created the ability for customers to manage the MSDE database and schedule maintenance plans
  • Developed custom scripts to import customer existing data into the Wind2 system


Software Developer
At-Home Professions Dec 2000-Dec 2001

  • Assisted in designing and developing a student service application for a correspondence institute to improve management of student accounts and grades
  • Managed to maximize server resources and increase application performance through re-designing the back end stored procedures by eliminating the use of cursors and optimizing table indexes
  • Managed to increase application performance by 60%
  • Provided assistance in improving company’s website through adding the ability for students to check their account status and grades, take online tests, and set up automatic payments for their banking accounts
  • Re-designed the website to utilize SQL Server stored procedures


Database Developer
Synergetics Inc. Sep 2000-Apr 2001

  • Acted as a Consultant for Agilent Technologies
  • Designed and developed a client-server bar-coded inventory tracking system through using MC Access and SQL Server
  • Improved user performance and increased productivity through implementing a second front-end interface utilizing hand-held IR scanners
  • Designed and developed ASP intranet application to assist the purchase order department in maintaining inventory issues raised by project managers
  • Increased communication and helped in budgeting project assembly time

Education & Training

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Managerial Information Systems • Montana State University (1996-2000)

Associates of Applied Science in Electronics
DeVry Institute of Technology (1990-1992)



M.C.A.D. (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) • Microsoft.NET.1.1
MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) • VB 6 & SQL Server 7



C# | Silverlight | WCF RIA Services | VB.NET | jQuery | Ajax | Sharepoint 2007 | ASP.NET | Entity Framework | LINQ | JavaScript | CSS | XHTML | SQL Server | ADSF 2.0 | WIF | MVVM | Prism | CSLA.NET | Visual FoxPro |MS Access


*References are available upon request*