Customers’ Verdict is a top-tier company offering resume writing and resume editing services. They use phone and email collaboration to work with clients to craft the perfect resume that impresses recruiters and hiring managers. In our review, we take a closer look at the quality of services offered by this company so you can better determine if they are worth working with for your own resume needs.

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Certified Resume Writers in 40 Industries
The first thing to note about is that they have certified writers in 40 industries. This is important because it means they can offer really custom tailored resume writing services based on your particular career field. Remember, hiring managers, recruiters, and decision makers are looking for different skills and qualifications from job applicants based on the industry they are working in. So it is really important to choose a resume writing company that has a broad range of experience and expertise. This is certainly an area in which excels.

More Than 100,000 Resumes Written
Speaking of experience, it is hard to find another company that can match the level of experience of the resume writers at Their team has written more than 100,000 resumes for customers. More than 100,000! That is worth repeating because it speaks to just how much experience this company has at writing professional resumes. They have been serving customers since 1998.

They take the time to find the very best resume writers on the market and hire them. It is clear that takes quality very seriously as they have put a lot of effort into building the most experienced resume writing team in the industry.

Professional Relationships with Recruiters and Hiring Managers
Perhaps the most important benefit of working with is that they have taken the time to build quality relationships with recruiters and hiring managers from different industries. They work with these recruiters and hiring managers to understand what exactly they are looking for from job applicants. This allows the writing team at to craft their resumes in a way that reflects the preferences of hiring managers and recruiters, giving the customer’s resume a better chance of getting noticed.

A Wide Range of Services
Finally, offers a full line of services for job seekers, including resume writing; resume editing, LinkedIn Profile creation, cover letter writing, and more. They offer every type of service a potential job seeker would need to get new opportunities in any job market.

Our Final Thoughts is one of the better resume writing companies on the web today. They have a level of experience that few others can match. We recommend their services to those who need resume services.