An ideal resume for a job seeker

In the job seeking process, the first step is preparing a resume, while meeting with a potential employer is a next step you are going to take. So, you have to appear very attractive on your resume to proceed to the next step, which is job interview.
In this article you will find useful tips on how to prepare a good resume which will become a good start in getting your ideal job.

Writing process

Just remember the following writing rules:

  • Deliver your resume in the format your employer asks: .doc, docx, rtf, pdf, etc;
  • Make the message of your resume very clear and easy to understand;
  • Be specific and laconic – present more info about your latest jobs, not about your past experiences;
  • Double-check the structure, formatting and grammar of your resume – a text which is easy to read is only to your advantage;
  • Draw attention to your primer skills which might be very important to the job you’re seeking;
  • Do not forget to present your contact details at the end your resume.


It should be noted that the way you describe your recent working experience is directly related to your success in getting a new job. There are some specific points which you have to remember to include for every job you have had. Those are as following:

  1. Dates or work periods (the beginning and the end)
  2. Firm name and its location
  3. Position you held
  4. Concise description of job duties and responsibilities
  5. Your major professional achievements and special skills which can be relevant to the job you are currently applying for.


Please, glance through an example of how it may look like:

An innovative approach to creating a better technology and systems in customer service support; this has greatly improved customer satisfaction by almost 75% leading to new purchases; also, client relations improved by 40% with the help of new communication technology.”

This is a good example, but not every applicant has such figures to demonstrate in his/her resume. However, you are expected not to generalize your career history too much. There is another example of how to present your own professional experience:

Created a better approach to assess level of customer satisfaction and effectiveness of customer support. Major results led to changes in the firm’s general customer relations policy.

Pay attention to the context

Anything you wish to write in your CV is better to present within a contextual framework. Present each point and its details of your working experience in a way it will look attractive to your potential employer.

Do not simply put:

  • “I have great teaching skills.”
  • You had better write something like: “My extraordinary teaching skills have been acknowledge by… and served me in winning …”

So, you can see the difference of just a piece of information in a simple sentence and the same information presented in a context.

Be accurate in your word choice

Obviously, you have to write your resume to impress your future boss. However, you have to be very careful in order not to get carried away with exaggerations.

Be very specific and accurate in your word choice when it comes to writing a resume; never forget to proofread your text to exclude grammar mistakes and misspellings.


To sound effective, bring about your work results

The most if not all the employers are theoretically looking for some major things in your resume, in other words, your work results. In order to show your prospective boss that you’re the best candidate for this position, you have to demonstrate your major results while working for other companies. So, name them first and briefly describe how you accomplished them.

So, do not simply present facts and figures, give a brief explanation: “Increased customer satisfaction by 75%.”

You should write something like:
“Created a better approach to assess level of customer satisfaction and effectiveness of customer support. Major results led to changes in the firm’s general customer relations policy, which increased customer satisfaction by 75%.”


Diversity in jobs leads to different requirements

Even though you are applying for a different job, it can belong to the same professional sphere as you used to work for before. However, the requirements and duties might differ.

As a result, it would be logical to have several different resumes for every different instance.

Our service allows you to complete up to ten versions of your custom written resume per one time of usage. Every version will be a bit different from the rest of your resumes. So, for one job application instance take just one resume which you think suits best for a particular employer. Your resumes are saved on your personal account which can be easily accessed via the Internet from anywhere.


Final version of your resume

Details in your resume might play a crucial role in your final employment. Hence, before saving (or sending) your final version of resume re-read and proofread it over and over. Besides, it would be worthwhile to give it to someone else to read. Double-check that there are no grammar mistakes or misspellings. The tone should be kept appropriate throughout the resume. Check your contact details for correctness.

An ideal resume will surely help you to get a job of your dream. A resume which is not so good will not even lead you to the next step of job application process – an interview. Logically you will do your best to present a perfect resume, because you are sure that you are the best candidate for this position.