Getting a job is a stressful process. You are bearing all of your personal information in front of someone you have never met, having to justify your entire personality and history through a few small sentences on an equally small number of pages. Luckily, there is advice you can use to help increase your chances of getting employed, and some of the best advice comes as statistics, which give remarkable insight into the hiring process. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • 71% of hiring managers want to see a customized resume – Many people say that creating a general resume makes it easier to hand many out at the same time. This statistic clearly shows however that it is better to make your resume as relevant to the job position as you can.
  • Employers give each resume between 8 and 15 seconds on average– With such little time spent on each resume on the pile, it is any wonder that employers have time to read the name and address at the top. This statistic might not apply to you however, if you create a good enough resume which makes the employer stop and take notice.
  • Employers scan between the first 10 and 15 lines – If you are one of the lucky ones who manages to catch the employer’s attention, then you still have to keep their attention. With this statistic, you want to ensure that the most important and relevant information gets included as close to the start of the resume as possible.\
  • Bullet pointed resumes are the employers’ second highest preference – Hiring managers clearly love bullet points, and there are very good reasons for this. They help convey information much more concisely than prose, and they also make the resume more attractive and easier to read.
  • Over 90% of resumes are searched by keywords – 90% of resumes on resume databases are searched by employers with use of keywords. So, if you are uploading yours to a database, then the single most important thing to get noticed is to include industry-specific keywords.