Timothy A. Roy

59 Geraldine Road • London • London, UK  • SW18 2NS

• +44 2072074563(H) • +44 7904897133(M) • +44 2072382676(W)

IT and Systems Engineer executive with 30+ years of technical, engineering, and management experience who is committed to success while achieving revenue, cost, productivity, and delivery goals.  An effective problem solver and communicator who is willing to locate to Oman, UAE, Qatar or Bahrain to secure employment in one of the following areas: Department Manager, IT Manager or Chief Information Officer (CIO).


  • Metal Working & Carpentry Construction & Troubleshooting
  • Budget Planning & Administration Team Building, Mentoring & Leadership
  • IT and Systems Engineering Operations & Process Reengineering
  • Communications Equipment Auto Mechanics
  • UHF, VHF, HF, Satellite, Receivers Installations, Radars, and Ground Transmitters
  • UNIX, Security Administration Windows NT, CISCO, Ethernet, MGs, MEP-6


  • As Senior Communications Analyst/Systems Engineer Test Manager oversaw core business and operational development functions.  Created the Installation procedures template for the developers to use for writing the installation/upgrade procedures for the Installation/Integration team
    • Requirements Analyst/Business Analyst
    • Support Engineer/Assistant Project Manager
    • QA the documents from the development team before testing begins
    • Write and review written Test Scripts for testing cycles
    • Track issues raised from testing through the Software development and project Life cycle
    • Assist Project Manager with project plan development to include resource, task, timeline, and coordination of projects
    • Conduct customer-service requirements’ analysis to define related low level requirements
  • As Support Engineer, supported document management systems development through testing of various applications
    • Responsible for writing test scripts
    • Helped test the applications prior to delivery to the customer(s)
  • As Senior Communications Analyst/Systems Engineer, provided support for managed laboratories that specialize in conducting software analysis and system design engineering for emerging concepts
    • Received an Excellence Award for the successful implementation and outstanding support for the shipboard Gigabit Ethernet project
    • Provided technical support to the Unix System Horizontal Integration Team using designs considerations, tested, analyzed and evaluated engineering solutions for product development
    • Provided network and engineering support for SSC-SF Code 242
  • As Lead Technician/Senior Communications Analyst, responsibilities included managing the commands Communication Tech Control, the Unit Vans, the Commands Power Plant Motor Generators (MGs) and MEP-6 back up generators supplying power to the units and Staff Facilities Planning the maintenance outrage, upkeeps, and emergency restoration of systems communications and electrical power
    • Assistant Officer in Charge of Mobile command and Control Unit.  Officer In Charge of Navy unit in Bahrain for six months in 1993 relieving current OIC as per TAD guidelines
    • Coordinated and supervised deployment, setup, operation and maintenance of four million dollar Mobile Command and Control Communications System, equipment, to include UHF LOS/Satellite Transceiver System, UHF Satellite Broadcast Receiver, VHF/UHF, AM/FM LOS/Satellite Transceivers, CISCO Routers, Generic Front-End Communications Processor, HP-UNIX computers, and associated LAN/WAN equipment and devices
  • As Communications Systems Supervisor/Technician supervised and trained 30+ personnel on maintenance of UHF and VHF Air to ground transmitters and receivers and ground control communication systems
    • Responsible for all Air Field Ground Control Communications, Air Control Communications, Air Navigation/VOR Systems and supporting equipment on Diego Garcia and within the area of operation
  • As Air Traffic Control and Weather Navaids Systems Supervisor/Technician responsible for supervising over 100 ground to air communications equipment and circuits, weather/navigational aid systems equipment and Tower ground control communications equipment
    • Worked with Air Search (ASR-8) and Precision Approach (PAR) Radars doing routine maintenance, problem troubleshooting and repairs
    • Experienced in analog and digital multiplexers, transceivers, and ancillary communications equipment.
  • As Communications Work Center Supervisor/Lead Technician responsible for supervising and training personnel in the operation, maintenance, and repair of HF, VHF/UHF LOS/Satellite, VHF Marine Band Equipment, data converters, RF Coupling, impedance matching, and remote switching equipment
    • Worked with shipboard Air Search and Surface Search Radars and associated radar repeaters, and scopes, TACAN and NDB (Non-directional beacon) air navigation equipment.



October 2006-Present Senior Communications Analyst,

L-3 Communications/ORD/ASA, London, UK

March 2006-September 2006 Support Engineer,

L-3 Communications/ORD/ASA, London, UK

  1. Senior Communications Analyst/Systems Engineer,

L-3 Communications Titan Group, San Diego, CA


1979-1998 Naval Officer, US Navy, USA

1989-1998 Lead Technician/Senior Communications Analyst

1988-1989 Communications Systems Supervisor/Technician, US Navy, USA

1984-1988 Air Traffic Control and Weather Navaids Systems Supervisor

1980-1984 Communications Work Center Supervisor/Lead Technician

1979-1980 BMT and Technical training, US Navy, USA



Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Information Technology
University of Phoenix • 2008

ISEB Certification in Foundation Software Testing • 2008

UNIX Systems Administrator, Microsoft sponsored Hands On Labs:
NT 4.0 to Windows 2003 Upgrade/Migration> • 1998-2006
How to Install and Run Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS)
Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 Migration • Deploying Windows XP and
Office 2003 Professional in the Enterprise

Introduction to UNIX, Windows NT 4.0 Server
Client Systems Administration • 1984-1998
Hands on Training for Cisco router • Introduction to Networking

US Military Training, Basic Military Training
San Diego, CA and Great Lakes, IL • 1979-1984
Basic Electricity and Electronics (BE E) School
Electronics A School • SPS-10 VCS “C” School
SRN-19 Satellite navigation System