Your body language during a job interview says it all – without even saying a word!

Do you remember your mother and grandmother incessantly reminding you to ‘sit up straight’ and ‘stop slouching’? Well, during a job interview it would serve any job candidate well to remember these words and remember them well! Body language can speak volumes about a person. In fact, it can tell the interviewer a whole story about the person sitting in front of them, without even saying a word.

Everybody uses body language and most of the time it is on a subconscious level. However did you know studies have found that a first impression is based on 7% spoken words, 38% tone of voice and 55% body language? Upon entering the room for your job interview, the first 3 to 7 seconds will deliver the first impression your prospective employer will have of you, without you ever having to speak a word.

Body language can also give a person much more information than you are willing to give. It can show if you’re nervous, confident, enthusiastic or lazy. How you portray yourself is totally up to you. There are, however, tips you can keep in mind, as well as practice prior to your interview which will help you increase your chances of getting the job.

Upon sitting down for the interview you will want to sit leaning just a bit forward to show that you are relaxed yet interested and engaged in the conversation. If you move too much in your seat during the interview you might come across as impatient or nervous. Of course, being nervous is to be expected. Yet showing your nervousness won’t work in your favor, especially when your prospective employer is looking for confidence and self-assuredness in their potential candidates. Your feet should always be kept on the floor, never crossing them. Hands should also never be crossed as this sends a clear message that you are defensive. Better to keep them relaxed and resting on your lap. It is always best to keep continual eye contact during the interview; this enables you both to find some connection in addition to the spoken words.

So, sit back and relax – but not too much! And don’t forget to show your winning smile every now and then.