Many immigrants want to come to America for a chance to achieve freedom and the American Dream. This process can take many years, cost a lot of money for some immigrants, and have many requirements involved. One way that immigrants can apply for a permanent resident visa if they live in a country that has low immigration rates to the USA is to apply for the diversity lottery program through the State Department. This program does not charge immigrants to apply, and grants a minimum of fifty thousand greencards to immigrants from many regions around the world each year. You have to note that your chances with a bad resume are very bad.

For some immigrants the diversity or green card lottery is not necessary. If an immigrant has a family member or potential employer willing to sponsor the immigrant than it may be possible to get a visa based on these factors. They need a good resume to have a chance for getting a job. There are many tips that you can find online. For many immigrants this is not possible though, and the immigration lottery program is the only choice to immigrate to America legally and receive greencards. There are sites where you have the chance to get a greencard. America is the beacon of hope, and the opportunity for freedom and happiness for many immigrants from around the world. Receiving a visa can be managed in a number of ways, and one of the best choices for many immigrants is the diversity lottery.

Some immigrants are not eligible for the diversity lottery program. Any country which has had fifty thousand immigrants in the last five years can not receive any diversity visas, and these immigrants must find another way to achieve the American Dream. Countries which are ineligible or have been in the past include Canada, China, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and many others. Residents of these countries can not use the diversity lottery to achieve the American Dream. In addition to the electronic application, all immigrants who are applying for these visas must include a passport photo of themselves, any spouse, and any dependent children.