Resume writing is the first step in the job hunt and it is as important as the interview or any other phase of job search. Quite unfortunately, people who suffer at this stage are significant. The common mistake which people do in resume writing is that many think of it as just an outline of education background and job history. Although it is true to some extent but there is another purpose of writing resume which is even more important than providing the employer with educational background and job history. In this regard, your resume is responsible of not only developing your abilities and skills but of marketing it as well. To reiterate, one should not consider resume writing only along the lines of job history but it should be thought of something more powerful and capable of developing and marketing your abilities.

Needless to say that good resumes can really assist you in opening doors for really high and awesome positions which you can only dream of. It is worth remarking here that this notion of developing and marketing skills seems a very simple one but upon little consideration you will notice that it is actually not that simple. In this regard, it is important to understand that the idea behind such notion is to let know the employer what you can and want to bring to the position which you are applying for. We mentioned earlier that just stating the old jobs will not be helpful. Now would be a good point to explain the logic behind that as well. The problem with stating the old jobs is that you are telling the employer a glorified history which will not do. In other words, there are no indicators for the HR manager to assess your skills and abilities.