What are the most common mistakes that need to be avoided when you are writing your resume? The following guide would help you learn about the most commonly committed mistakes by job seekers.

Begin by ensuring that you don’t use a font that is too small. The copy should be legible and the minimum recommended font size should be 11. Make sure that your resume doesn’t have any spelling mistakes. Avoid language misuse or poor word choice. These mistakes would simply send a message that you are not serious about your work. Avoid the use of same verb for describing your work experience. When you use an assortment of verbs, it would tell about the diversity in your skills. It would also tell about the varied knowledge and skills that you have developed and are capable of doing in your work.

Don’t make the mistake of not adding dates to your resume. If you hide dates, there is an indication that you have an intention to hide some information. Make sure that your resume has a consistent layout. This would also mean setting even margins, giving even space between the headings and remaining constant with the verbiage. So if you want to describe your current job, make sure to use the verbs in present tense.

The next mistake to be avoided is not to write in a tone that doesn’t match with what you speak. This means you should create your resume using your own words. Make sure that you have different version of your resume, with each one being there for a different type of job. Make sure to include a cover letter with each one of your resume. The cover letter is the sales document and it would help supplement your resume. At the same time, it is also important that you provide only a professional-looking email address on your resume. Avoid the use of those teenage-year email addresses.

Overall, your resume should give a professional look and feel without carrying any type of mistakes. This can go a long way in making a positive impact on the reader.