If you’ve recently lost your job, or you’ve decided it’s time to explore your career options, then it’s important to have a professional looking resume that presents you as a top-notch candidate. In fact, you could be the most qualified person to apply for a position, but if your resume doesn’t effectively relay that information or catch an employer’s eye, you’ll remain on the unemployment line.

This is why many people are hiring writing services to make sure their resume stands out, presenting them as a valuable asset. Although it may cost a little money up front to hire a service, you’ll be glad you did when you land your dream job.

Here’s a list of the top 5 resume writing services. Each listing is paired with a short company/service profile which describes why they are the top of the class.

Rank Service Rating Price Short Review

An expert writer with education and experience in the client’s field can highlight the advantages that client will bring to enhance the employer’s company. Resumes Planet guarantees that an effective resume will be delivered on the date specified. They give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus they guarantee an interview with a potential employer within 30 days. (Read full review)

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Delivering a resume service far beyond what words can describe. They have proven their expertise and credibility to various resume review websites and manage to stay at the top despite the fact that their services are costly compared to other. (Read full review)

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Free consultation and a guaranteed 24 hours turnaround time for resumes and cover letters will surely attract any job seekers to sign up for their service. ResumeMyCareer offers a variety of service for a reasonable price, but their service has demonstrated a pattern of complaints to different review sites. (Read full review)

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Whether you’re unemployed and looking for work, or you’ve had it with your current job and want to make a change, having a persuasive and professional looking resume is extremely important. Especially if you’re in an industry where jobs are hard to come by! If your resume doesn’t stand out to employers or doesn’t effectively convey your skills and experience, then you’re job hunt might not get off the ground.

This is why more and more people today are enlisting the help of a writing service, hiring professionals who specialize in creating an eye-catching and compelling resume or curriculum vitae. That said, if you don’t know how to choose the right resume or CV writing service, then you could end up wasting a lot of time and money. That’s not a good thing when you’re looking for work.

The Benefits of Using a Resume Writing Service
If you haven’t updated or edited your resume in a while than plenty has likely changed in terms of how resumes are formatted, and what keywords employers are looking for. This is where a professional CV writing service can help and can help a lot.

Often these services are staffed by career planning experts, who understand what is important in today’s job market, and how a resume should reflect the needs of employers. For example, if you’re hoping to secure work in the information technology sector, then these services will know how to tailor your resume accordingly. They know what to highlight from your current experience and credentials, ensuring that an employer will take notice of your CV. In today’s competitive job market, not mentioning one pertinent skill on your resume could cost you the job.

Look Around
You can find a resume writing service quickly and easily by searching online. There are larger companies that are staffed by numerous employees, and there are also services with just one or two people who have experience in the industry. Don’t just consider the first couple of companies you come across. The more you look around, the greater your chances of finding a reliable company that offers the high-quality services and product you deserve.

If you work in an industry that has strong connections to your region, however, you might want to use a service that’s local. While they may not have the resources of a larger, national firm, chances are they’ll have a better idea of what keywords to include in your resume, tailoring it to match the preferences and needs of employers in your community.

Read Reviews
The internet has made it easy to make smart decisions about how you spend your money and it’s important to take advantage of customer reviews to see if others have been happy with the service you’re considering. Some companies will post testimonials on their website, but it’s a good idea to also search online to see if there are customer reviews elsewhere (and to confirm that what you read on the CV writing service site is legitimate. If you come across several complaints, that’s a red flag and you can assume that the resume writing service isn’t producing resumes that are landing people work. It also never hurts to check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company has a good reputation.

Review Their Services and Credentials
Although it’s possible that someone has a knack for creating resumes without a degree or lots of credentials, your chances of receiving a persuasive, effective resume are much greater if you hire someone with experience. Does the company you’re considering have Certified Professional Resume Writers on staff? Are they knowledgeable about today’s job market? If a professional CV writing service site doesn’t disclose any of this information, then you might want to look elsewhere.

It’s also important to review what types of services are offered by the company. For example, do staff members interview their customers over the phone to get a good sense of their employment background and expectations? Does the company write cover letters also? These can be just as important as your resume and if they do it might make sense to kill two birds with one stone.

What about guarantees? If you don’t land any interviews with your new resume after sending it out for a month or two will the resume writing service edit your resume for free? Approach this investment in your career the same way you would approach any other investment or purchase … you want to get the most value for your hard-earned money.

Consider Your Budget
Of course, the price is always an extremely important consideration, especially when you’re looking for work. It’s a good idea to carefully review your budget before you decide which resume writing service to hire. Remember, however, that the company with the lowest price isn’t necessarily the right way to go. You might save some money up front, but if they don’t deliver a high-quality resume, your job search will be prolonged or worse, it won’t be effective.


Why use?

Having a polished and appealing resume is similar to running a breath-taking and captivating ad for a product. There’s no doubt a greatly packaged resume will get more notice and draw more attention from future and potential employer. You can have the highest education, best qualification, and skillset but if you failed to draw the attention of the hiring department or company, it won’t mean much. What is worse is losing out to competitors who are less qualified but gets shortlisted for the interview due to their ability to able to package and present themselves in a way that can immediately impress the employers.

A company with a flagship product for sale is the best analogy. The company is the applicant and the product is the service the applicant is selling or advertising. The ad is the medium to generate sales and the resume is meant to get the foot to the interviewer’s door. Although having a great product is essential in generating sales but if the ad is poor or does not convince the buyer that he or she needs the product, then the objective has failed. A well-developed resume is a very powerful tool. The choice of words and presentation style can arguably be used as a determining factor for the hiring company to decide whether an interview should be granted or offered. Beside monetary cost, there is absolutely no drawback in using a resume writing service.

Job seekers should always be reminded that the earned income from the job far exceeds the cost of using an agency to revamp and polish the resume. Historically, companies will not pour in millions and millions of dollars into advertising if they believe just having the perfect product is sufficient to generate sales. Although getting noticed will not be sufficient in securing the interview but with the chances will likely increase with more exposure and visibility which is a much better scenario than not getting any attention at all. Even if no hiring resume writing agencies are used, it is essential to at least to take some time to research and study how professional resumes are penned. With today’s heavy use of the internet, job seekers can search and work with templates to tailor to their own specific and customs requirements and needs. For better success rate and if budget allows, a resume writing service should be used. Not only do they have extensive experience in tailoring a resume to a specific position, they will also have a deep understanding in crafting a resume in a way that can quickly and easily capture the employer’s attention. Some of these agencies have writers that have previously worked in the human resource department and are fully trained and aware in what to look for in a resume.