Learn how the KISS principle applies to writing CVs and how it can increase your chances of getting a job.

There are hundreds of pointers that can be offered for those that want to write their CVs. One of the most important ones you will hear is linked to KISS. This article shows you what KISS means and how it applies to increasing chances of being hired.

We all know what a kiss is and many heard about the highly successful rock band known as Kiss. However, when referring to writing CVs, there is a totally different term that is known as KISS. This is basically an abbreviation of “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” It might seem like harsh words but it is something that we need to all understand.

The document that you present needs to be presentable and it has to be created based on this KISS principle. This is due to the fact that presentation is what counts and what hooks the attention of the person that is reading your resume. If the document looks too complicated, there is a huge chance that your resume will be overlooked.

The only situation in which you should not use this KISS principle is when applying for a job in a highly creative industry. In this case the atypical approach is one that is advantageous. However, even with out of the box resumes, it is still important that everything is as clear and as simple as possible.

In order to make everything clear and simple, you should use a really common font like Arial or Times New Roman. The size of the text should be 11 or 12 based on how much information you want to include.
Every single person writing a CV should know the areas that are usually analyzed. In all cases the upper-middle part of the page is the one that a selector will pay most attention to. The essential information that you want to add in the resume should be located there.

Simplicity should also appear in how you section the CV. Make sure that you highlight professional experience first and then you can add education, qualifications, interests and languages. Every single section has to stand out for a proper resume structure.

Quality paper has to be used when you have to send in a physical CV. When you just have to email it, make sure that you submit in .doc, Microsoft Office 97 format so that the receiver is sure to be able to open the file.

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