If you don’t have much experience or no experience at all, it would be best to make use of a functional resume format. It would also be the perfect outline for your CV if you have some good skills.

The functional resume format is a type of resume outline that allows you to present your education, work experience and skills without the need to put them in any sequence. Rather, it allows you to group all your experience and skills by their functions and types. You can reduce your career history to a list of company names and dates or even job titles at the end of the format. You can also choose not to give any details at all.

The functional resume format allows you to combine your skills in a number of groups or areas to help them appear stronger. You can group the different “functions” under paid employment, student activities, volunteer work, classroom work, work experience, project work or social work.

This format is ideal when you have the skills required by the employer. On the other hand, a conventional chronological format cannot highlight the skills in a sufficient manner. If you don’t have a long career history but have good amount of skills, this format would be perfect. This is especially because you have the option to give brief details about history at the bottom of your resume.

The functional resume format would help in emphasizing the things you have done and have the capability to do, instead of telling what and when you did in the past. If you are a starter without any experience, you should create your resume in a functional format. It would also be ideal for those who have remained out of job and want to re-enter after taking a long break. This outline is also ideal for older workers who want to give more emphasis on their skills and not on their work experience.

It is especially helpful for all those applicants that want to make a career change. However, you should keep in mind that the major gaps in your resume would require you to make more explanations at the interview. There is a belief that this format is used for hiding certain information, which you should be able to reason out during the interview. Otherwise, it makes an ideal resume outline choice for those without much experience but good skills.