If you are a new entrant in the job market, you need to perfect your resume before applying for your 1st job. There are some who say that there is no use of fresher resumes. However, this is not true. In fact, a well written fresher resume is very critical for fresher.

Your resume is a personification of your professional characteristics. Presenting a clear and concise resume is a great way to impress a potential recruiter. On the other hand, a careless resume will only show to the employer that the candidate is irresponsible. Yes, you should put in your best efforts to present your resume in the best light; this will help you a long way in opening the gates for your first ever job.

As you are a fresher, you will not be able to show any experience. However, you can highlight your educational qualifications, your grade point average, awards, etc. You can also mention your positive personality traits that can help in doing the job better. You can list any training program or apprenticeships that you have completed. This can give you a competitive edge over many others who have applied with the same educational qualification as yours.

You can also mention in your resume how you are knowledgeable and skilled in latest industrial tools and techniques that are relevant to the job. However you should be ready to answer any question on whatever you have mentioned in your resume. So add only the skill sets that you really have and nothing else.

As you have just passed out of college, you can emphasize the truth that you have enough time to catch up with experienced seniors who are already in the field. You should let the employers know that you are a hard working and enthusiastic person who can add a lot value to the company.

You can offer to undergo supplementary training if the job demands it, without any compromise in your productivity. You should show that you are a quick learner who is eagerly looking forward to launching a career in the company.

Lastly, do not put off your resume writing work for the day before the interview. Such procrastination will result in a hurriedly and sloppily written resume that can surely irritate any recruiter. See that you take enough time for writing your resume; you will be surely rewarded for your extra effort. Check it for more sample fresher resumes