It is important that you don’t submit a resume without a cover letter. However, just including a cover letter is not enough to help you make it to the interview. It has to be different and attention grabbing. Make sure that the cover letter of your resume has 4 essential features, which are as described below.

Your cover letter would introduce you to the prospective employer. It is the cover letter that would be read before your resume. This gives you an instant chance to grab the attention of the interviewer. If the cover letter is able to do what it’s meant to do, it would move the interviewer to your resume.

Make sure that your cover letter is personal without leaving the threshold of professionalism. While your resume would carry all of your professional information for the position you are applying to, it is allowed to become a little personal on the cover letter. Take care not to be too personal, but make sure that the hiring manager gets a feel of your personality. This is an important role fulfilled by the cover letter.

Thirdly, if your resume has some ‘holes’, it is the cover letter that would help in filling them up. There is no denying that not all the resumes are going to be perfect. The hiring manager is always going to have some questions that need to be answered on your own. Use the cover letter to fill up some of these holes if it is possible to do so in a brief way. The explanation should be made in a way that things make sense to the hiring manager or interviewer, driving them to call you for the interview.

Your cover letter should also display your interest in taking up the job. Keep in mind that while your resume may be used for applying to a number of jobs, each cover letter would be applicable only to a single job. Make sure to customize it to the position you are applying for. It is important that your resume demonstrates clearly to the interviewer that you are interested in taking up the position.