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Hi, there are you sitting in a dead end job, a student or looking for work, then let me tell you about my experience I recently had regarding looking for work. Last year I graduated from College and yes, it was time for me to look for work. However, the same question kept popping into my head how am I going to start as I am fresh out of college, have not worked in my life and the only experience I have is what I had learned to become an Accountant with only some practical skills.

Where to start
After listening to different people’s opinions and reading loads of information on the internet, I knew that, the first thing that I needed was a professional resume and for one I did not have a clue on how to write one. A close friend of mine suggested using Craftsresume.com as she had success in finding work when she used them. So I immediately started looking them up on the search station and behold, I was impressed from the start.

My Personal Experience with using Craftresume.com
Craftresume.com when looking at their home page is designed professionally showing you that they are keen to help and there page were easy to use with the supplied buttons for writing content, frequently asked questions, prices, and reviews. They offered me with a toll-free number to contact them, but I opted to use the chat facility to correspond with them immediately. After starting the chat application, kind service consultant helped me to find the correct writer to help me with writing my professional resume.

Their service was friendly and the writer asked me many questions regarding who I am, where I studied, what my skills are, have I worked before, and much more. As the day prolonged the writer sent me a draft of my resume to read through and requested if he should make any changes to it. To my surprise, the resume written was perfectly and the writer started working on the final draft. The following day I received my final resume as I had chosen the basic resume package. I started sending out my resume to all the jobs I had saved on my PC.

What does Craftresume.com have to offer?
With my experience with using Craft Resumes, I found that they offer you with different types of professional writing services from drawing up your resume, CV and if you already have an available resume or CV they provide you with editing services on your writing to make it more presentable for the job market.

They also have various added writing services at an extra cost that includes the writing of a Thank You Letter, Cover Letter, and Follow-up Letter at affordable prices. Their services also include special packages that they tailor according to your needs from writing resumes and CV together, and bundle letter writing. Their services are available 24 hours of the day as mentioned before through a toll-free number or live chat. Other services they offer are presenting you with a professional LinkedIn profile. They supply you with your written document in day’s time, as they know how important finding work is for you. Professional writers write all their documents.

Well, after receiving my resume and sending it away to various job offers there were no long waiting periods before I received my first call for an interview and am now working for a very well known auditor company with great benefits and the availability of working myself up and studying even further. Thanks to Craftresume.com, and their quality service they provided me, I found my dream job. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to find a job or a change of career.