Chronological FormatChronological resume is one of the most commonly used resume format. This format would list your education and experience in the reverse sequential order. This means that you would be listing the latest dates and experience first. If you want to start creating your resume from scratch, this is the easiest of formats to work with.

The chronological resume format is easy to read. In addition, it would also make it easy for your employers to get a clear sense of the history of your career because of the easy outline of the resume. According to research studies, this format is simply the most widely used resume format. Even though, the estimates can be different between different studies, but around 80% to 85% of the hiring managers accept this format in a positive way.

The chronological resume format is also preferred by the leading online job boards. This is especially because almost all of them have educational and experience questionnaires that cannot be entered in non-chronological order. However, you should be using this type of resume only when you have a regular employment history without any noticeable gaps or career moves.

It would be in your favor if you have the names of some larger organizations on your resume as your former employers. The format helps in effectively highlighting the most recent experience. If your most noticeable achievements were made recently, it would be ideal to use this type of resume. Because it a universally accepted format, it is also the perfect choice if you want to apply for international jobs.

However, there are a few exceptions where you shouldn’t be using the chronological format to create your CV. You don’t want to create a resume in this format if your career has lots of major gaps. It is again not suitable for resumes that are very long. Again, you shouldn’t use it when you are seeking a change in your career. Last but not least, avoid this format if want to add lots of information on the resume. It is because of the simplicity and ease of reading of this format that makes it so effective and popular among employers.