According to the Future Work Skills report, six trends will dominate the ever changing job market over the next 10 years. To be prepared for this, employees need to learn 10 key skills:

Common sense: humans can do what computers can’t: demonstrate judgement, reasoned analyses and critical thinking skills.

Social comprehension: Teamwork. Understanding and adapting to other people’s language and behaviour.

Flexible thinking: Spontaneous thinking when something unexpected occurs, on all levels: professional, technical or lower-skill roles. Entrepreneurial skills and projects help decision making.

Culturally adept: Knowing how to work with groups of other generations, cultures and even other ways of working. Aid curiosity and expose yourself to the outside world, step away from your comfort zone.

Virtual relationships: use strategies that aid virtual teamwork such as providing immediate feedback to colleagues and participating in team challenges.

Data savvy: with today’s increased use of computers more data is processed. This makes employees need to be able to comprehend and use it.

Tech and media savvy: communicating not just with text, such as using audio or video devices, over the internet or intranet.

Handling data overload: Cognitive thinking and using the correct tools needed to overcome and filter out needed/unneeded data when there is too much.

Disciplined in various fields: working longer or in more than one job needs understanding in various fields as well as an in depth knowledge of just one. Studying or working abroad and volunteering broadens experience and contacts.

Environmental cognition: knowing that you perform better when working in certain environments.

Surroundings affect mood: have the ability to plan your work environment.

So, what should today’s job seekers do?
Know that you can never learn too much. Broaden your reading repertoire. Learn new skills and widen your field of knowledge, especially with today’s fast-paced technological era.